Death Before Dishonor

2007 is here and Death Before Dishonor is ready to release Count Me In, a product of over two years of non-stop touring, learning, and life for a band of regular guys from South Boston. Since the beginning of 2005, Death Before Dishonor has been on a relentless mission: showing the world that they're more than just a tough hardcore band with a few breakdowns. Death Before Dishonor has a sense of history in their sound that takes from influences in metal, classic punk, and hardcore that finds a spot somewhere between Hatebreed and Dropkick Murphys. Lyrically, Count Me In digs deeper than just the 'you did me wrong' simplicity of hardcore. Vocalist Bryan Harris takes the overall theme of accepting what 28 years of life, pain, and disappointment can cause, and he makes sense of it. Count Me In starts out with the title track, which is a manifesto from a band that has spent the last two years focusing on nothing but making Death Before Dishonor their lives. The song is about realizing that they've made their decisions and it can ultimately cause pain and loneliness, but as bassist Frankie Puopolo says, 'instead of dwelling on that pain and loss, or going the other route and denying it, we embrace it.' That sentiment carries throughout the music and lyrics of Count Me In. This album is direct, personal, and honest. One thing that is obvious about Death Before Dishonor is their skill for songwriting and unique song structures. This is not a new development, either. Aversion said about their debut Friends Family Forever: 'the riffs and arrangements are definitely more memorable and energetic than most of these bands, so these dudes [Death Before Dishonor] definitely know what's up.' And Count Me In only expands upon that - the breakdowns are bigger and more furious and the melody is more present and unexpected throughout the album. A great example of this is the chorus to 'Break Through It All', where Death Before Dishonor showcases their ability to intertwine breakdowns and melodies, which is part of the reason this song was selected as the first single and video track off of Count Me In. Death Before Dishonor knows how to write hardcore anthems and, most importantly, they know that writing something that's 'heavy' is just as much about what comes before and after it as the part itself, which goes forgotten too often by many of their contemporaries. Recording Count Me In was almost a challenge for Death Before Dishonor as they had to find time in their non-stop touring schedule. But, after scheduling a month of studio time with Jim Siegel at The Outpost in Boston, the band realized that it was now or never to record their follow up to their debut Bridge Nine EP, Friends Family Forever. Siegel was the only man the band thought of using; vocalist Bryan Harris said, 'He recorded Blood For Blood, the Dropkick Murphys, and Friends Family Forever - he knows Boston hardcore, he knows the band, and he knows the history of everything we're trying to do.' The end result of Death Before Dishonor's time with Jim Siegel is their much anticipated sophomore effort, Count Me In, which will be released May 22nd on Bridge Nine Records. Death Before Dishonor has proven they are a talented band and they only care about the one thing that hardcore has always had 'touring and the live show. After the release of Friends Family Forever, Death Before Dishonor hit the road with a work ethic that is reminiscent of Hatebreed almost a decade ago. Playing almost 400 shows in less than two years, the band has been through the USA, Mexico, Canada, and Europe multiple times with everyone from New York legends Agnostic Front and Madball, to Terror, Full Blown Chaos, and gracing the European festivals with Hatebreed, Unearth, and more. Expect more of the same throughout 2007 and beyond.

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