Terror have cemented their status in great stone letters as guardians of old school hardcore ethics while winning the pit fervor of the new generation of metal and hardcore fans. Ignoring current musical trends the L.A. based band have stuck to their guns or guitars playing aggro, no frills, breakneck hardcore like “The Cro-Mags” and “Agnostic Front” before them. Ragged metal-tinged guitars, rapid fire drum lines, slithering bass lines and trademark double-fisted vocal attacks are trademarks of their sound. Vocalist Scott Vogel is a bundle of endless energy, leaping about stages in baggy shorts and demanding “More stage dives!” in-between songs. He can be a big kid at play who gleefully enjoys a good pit but is also drop dead serious when it comes to hardcore, screaming lyrics like “You say you fucking live for this? But what the fuck did you ever give? I gave everything. You’ll know I’ll fight to keep this alive.” Spending his formative years fronting such touchstone hardcore bands as the Buffalo, NY based Slugfest, Despair and Buried Alive Vogel has put his heart as well as his blood, sweat and tears into this scene. He has moved across the country, forsaken a normal home-life off of the road and even broken limbs and slipped discs in his neck for this. Terror began in April 2002 shortly after Vogel moved to L.A., by July of that year it was a full-time touring band. Some four years later, the group have never spent more than a month off of the road and continue to tour relentlessly across the globe including the upcoming full runs of Brazil and Europe this spring before embarking as a featured act on the Sounds Of The Underground tour this summer (alongside groups like In Flames, As I Lay Dying and more). Long standing members of the Terror army include super-sized guitarist Doug Weber and fully inked drummer Nick Jett, both of whom served time in First Blood. The band have just experienced a royal re-shuffling with second guitarist Frank Novinec joining Hatebreed and bassist Carl Schwartz devoting his full energies to First Blood. Joining the band in their stead is Martin Stewart of Donnybrook on second guitar and Jonathan Buske who has played with Another Victim, The Promise and Rag Men. In July 2003, Terror released a nine song EP “Lowest Of The Low” on Bridge 9 Records. The album struck the American and European hardcore scenes hard and there was nary a message board worldwide that wasn’t singing the praises of the group. This was fully backed by any live performance that the band played that quickly gave the proof they were the real deal. While a Terror live show is packed with aggressive energy, it also brings back the good-natured release of circle pits, stage dives and finger pointing anthems that is sorely missed by today’s hardcore scene. Greatly responsible for revitalizing the stagnant L.A. scene, Terror found itself banned from famous clubs in their hometown by overzealous bouncers who didn’t understand the energy of live hardcore. Nevertheless the band soon found itself popular touring partners across the country of such heavyweights as Hatebreed, Biohazard and Madball as well as being able to hang with metal groups such as Killswitch Engage and In Flames. Trustkill Records, indie label powerhouse who had actually released albums by Vogel’s previous band Despair came calling and in fall 2004, Terror released its debut full-length “One With The Underdogs” on the label. Well exceeding the promise hinted on Lowest Of The Low, the full-length was well-paced but unrelenting half hour of powerful anthems and secured with guest appearances from such friends as Freddy Cricien of Madball, Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed and Lord Ezac of Skarhead. Media outlets everywhere proclaimed the band’s merits and featured them from MTV Headbangers Ball and FUSE TV’s Uranium to print outlets such as Alt Press, Revolver, Decibel, Metal Maniacs and more. High profile tours kept the band busy such as with groups like Bury Your Dead, Comeback Kid, Sick Of It All, Madball, Hatebreed, Converge, and Remembering Never. 40,000+ albums of One With The Underdogs reached stereos across the country and it seems like Terror has joined the ranks of its heroes when mentioned as essential hardcore bands. In 2005 the group reissued Lowest Of The Low with additional b-sides, cover songs and an entire live show from Tokyo that was released on Trustkill. This past winter the group hunkered down at Planet Z Studios in Massachusetts to record their second full-length “Always The Hard Way” with Producer, Zeuss (Hatebreed, Shadows Fall, Throwdown). Flying in during a record snow storm, the band managed to bring in a slew of amazing guest vocalists who braved the ice to appear. Eddie Sutton from Leeway, Aaron from Death Threat and even hip hop greats emcee Murs and Mr Dibbs (Atmosphere’s DJ) add their talents to the upcoming release. Those surprised by the inclusion of hip hop in Terror’s brand of hardcore should know that Vogel is a HUGE hip hop fan and even sports a Gangstarr tattoo on his arm, which is near the back piece he has of Leeway’s first album “Born To Expire.” Shortly before the new album’s release an all access DVD entitled “The Living Proof” will be available for the small screen via Trustkill. Directed by Doug Spangenberg who is behind the gold certified DVD’s of Lamb Of God and Coheed & Cambria, there is behind the scenes interviews and studio footage of the Always The Hard Way recording sessions as well as live concert footage from around the world including Brazil, UK, Japan and Australia.

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