Through the past several years Jaysaun has come to the world’s attention for his role in Special Teamz alongside EDO.G and Slaine. With grimy vocals and a knack for creating memorable choruses he contributed a great deal to EDO’s solo album My Own Worst Enemy (2004) which was produced entirely by Pete Rock as well as stealing the spotlight on his work with The Snowgoons. Surprisingly though this Boston emcee has cred that goes back decades. “Me and EDO have been acquainted since before his first album deal, I was there when he got his first deal with his demo in Connecticut handing it to the Awesome Two. When I was a kid I used to open the shows for the Gangstarr crew. Before DJ Premier, Guru and DJ Mike D were Gangstarr living together in Brooklyn but they broke up and Mike D moved back to Boston. I ended up doing small east coast tours with the Boston Gangstarr playing with artists like Salt N Pepa, I always been fuckin’ around on the mic.” Underground 90’s heads will remember Jaysaun for his work in The Kreators who were building a sizable following through 12”s and hip hop radio shows through the nation. “The Kreators was with people I known for a long time and I stuck with them until 2003 but eventually this kid in the group destroyed everything with his shady dealings.” Detailed on the song Snake Decapitation Jaysaun details the dirt in the group including money mishandling, control issues and mis labeling of his songs on the albums. “Towards the end of the Kreators I wasn’t even in the group and they were buying my solo songs to add to the album and then saying I was a guest star on them.” One good relationship from the Kreators was Jay’s with DJ Revolution “I met him through EDO and he ended up producing some dope stuff for The Kreators. I would put him in the top 5 DJ’s in the world, no shit. We brought him to Boston to do the Big Top video and we were just fucking around in a club. He jumped up on stage, got on the appearing DJ’s equipment, used their record crates with no preparation and created a whole routine with scratching on the cuff that made those DJ’s want to quit.” Jay enlisted Revolution to put together his new solo album Game Of Breath which is mixed seamlessly from beat to beat over sixteen tracks. “I’ve been recording solo material constantly over the last few years. I sent thirty or so to Revolution and he chose his favorites and mixed it into one single work.” The work is pretty diverse with the first song Cadillac Music a hustling tale about being caught with a full trunk of raw to the next song Close 2 Ur Soul where he bares his soul about lost one’s. “My favorite hip hop is the true stories so I put myself into every track whether it’s positive or not. When I wrote that I was tearing up in Close 2 Ur Soul I was literally crying writing about my grandfather a month after his funeral. Growing up my father wasn’t around so he really was my father figure. When I get into fights with my wife it’s out there, life or death situations it’s all out there.” Jay reunites with Pete Rock on the track Line Em Up “Pete just made that as a freestyle joint for a mixtape but I liked it so much that I had to use it for the album. Pete’s one of my favorite producers to work with, one of my favorite memories in my career was when we recorded Just Call My Name for EDO’s album. We were recording in Times Square and in-between sessions he was just playing us some of his beats and we heard that and were like we need that beat now! We put our lyrics together right there, Pete added some extra sounds on the spot and we recorded and mixed the same night, it was magical. We ending up blowing a 20” woofer in the studio and one of the dudes just went to the basement and pulled a new woofer out of the box.” Closing out the album is Team Florian produced by Revolution and featuring Special Teamz which has become the official theme song for UFC fighter Kenny Florian.

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