SETBACK was formed in 1991 in Queens NY by longtime neighborhood friends G and Pete. Their first release was a demo cassette in 1995. The demo was a success and was distributed well throughout the States, Japan and Europe letting hardcore scenes everywhere know who SETBACK was. The band went through various lineup changes after the demo was released. In 1996 long time friend and long time NYHC veteran Bundy Blunts joined the band and took over vocal duties. In 1997 the band was asked to record an EP for their friend Kevin (BullDoze) who had just started Time Served Records. "No Hope" the bands first release featuring Bundy on vocals was released later in 1997. The band played their last show at CBGB'S in 1998 and split up to take care of personal business the band members had at the time. Fast forward to 2007 when another friend of the band cousin Joe (Black and Blue Productions) had asked the band to reunite for the 2008 Black and Blue Bowl. The band had only planned to reunite for this one show, but after practicing and writing new material they decided to keep SETBACK going. The band had two good friends (Harry Minas and Augs) playing drums for a while but sadly both could not continue playing with the band. In late 2008 the band tried out various drummers and found their man Benny Beats. They began playing shows and writing a new record with Benny. In 2009 the band released their second EP titled "Unfinished Business" on their own record label, Crash Course Records. The EP features seven true NYHC jams and has been warmly received worldwide. In 2010 long time singer Bundy parted ways with the band. SETBACK not ready to call it quits started trying out new singers. The band found a new singer Phil and played its first show with Phil on New Years Eve 2010 in NYC. SETBACK is currently recording their first full length record. The record will be released on Crash Course Records. SETBACK continues to be a true NYHC band with the long lost (D.I.Y.) attitude that got them started back in 1991. The band does everything on their own with no management, booking agencies etc. Taking great pride in representing NYHC the band looks forward to the release of their new record, giving the world one more reason to believe NYHC will always reign supreme.

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