Skam Dust

Born under a crescent moon In the Rotten Apple aka NYC, Skam Dust, a Queens native who grew up amongst the unfortunate & the wicked as Skam puts it “If the streets could talk , you wouldn’t want to walk it”. A thunderbolt of terror on the mic , Skam’s lyrics are delivered with passion and his stories are personal & very explicate. Growing up Skam was interested in art & music as so were his childhood friends who were a big influence to him, Hoya of Madball & legendary graffiti artist MQ. “I was introduced to Freddy Madball, Ezec aka Danny Diablo & NY Hardcore Music through Hoya”. Skam explains further ” we all got real close, just like family”. Fast forward to 1997, Ezec invited Skam on a Skarhead tour with Hatebreed, Madball & Earth Crises across the United States. “After touring Ezec and I were at his tattoo parlor in Queens and Ezec suggested to start a band & call it Son Of Skam & so I did” Skam reveals. In 1998 Son Of Skam released there first EP “Five Borough Manhunt” through Century Media Records, with the help of NYHC band SubZero, Lou Dibella aka Cancer Killah & Freddy Madball, SOS was born but short lived, two years later after a brief tour in Europe the band disbanded. n 2009 after a long break from music Ezec calls Skam to L.A. to produce the Skam Dust Ep “Son Of Skarhead”, on Eulogy Recordings. “Without Ezec the Skam Dust project would not be” according to Skam. A year later Skam Dust teams up with Ezec, Damian Burnz, Empire State Recordings, Real Recognizes Real Records & Count Down Records to releases his LP “Corona Drug Bust”. In 2011 Skam reunites with Son Of Skam to work with rapper / actor George Carroll aka Slaine from the movie “The Town” & from rap groups La Coka Nostra & House Of Pain, to be featured on Slaines new record “A World With No Skies 2.0″. The track was named “Zombie” & a music video followed, the video was produced by Skam Dust Productions. Stay tuned in and support your favorite hero Skam Dust The King Of Rock !!

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