Orange Countyís Ignite arenít just another punk rock/hardcore band. They donít wear make up. They donít care about image. They arenít a here today, gone tomorrow flash in the pan. They arenít tired scenesters, clinging desperately to the past. So what, you ask, are Ignite? Thatís easy. Ignite, whoíve been making music together since its formation in 1993, are a successful, international act with a diehard global following. Theyíve got a proven, rabid fanbase that populates over 40 countries. People go crazy for Ignite all over Europe, Australia, South America, and in their native US, and thatís why the band lives on the road, bringing the fans what they want and what they need. Put simply, Ignite inspires. The spirited California-based five piece has waved a blindingly brilliant hardcore torch for 20 years, with the aggressive music that it plays and the awareness it creates by supporting organizations that defend the environment like Doctors Without Borders, Habitat For Humanity, Sea Shepherds, Pelican Rescue Team, and Earth First. But the OC crew does not just spout rhetoric. It has played countless benefit shows and has pressed limited, live seven inches and CDs, the proceeds all of which were donated to these groups. ďEvery penny donated doesnít go to a CEO somewhere but directly to the boats or the people out in the wilderness,Ē says vocalist Zoli Teglas. Their music is catchy, well-written, and timeless enough to seep into your brain, your blood, and your heart; these songs will stay with you forever. In todayís overpopulated rock music scene, standing out and making yourself memorable are essential survival tools. Ignite have mastered the art of memorable melodies without sacrificing an ounce of intensity, aggression, or heart. Ignite has released four albums and one live dvd/cd: Our Darkest Days Live (2012), Our Darkest Days (2006), A Place Called Home (2000), Past Our Means (1996) and Call On My Brothers (1995), all of which enjoy a place in the hardcore canon.

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