Countime is a hardcore band from the streets of North East Los Angeles, Cypress Park who started at the end of 2003. It started as a side project that included members from DIFFERENCE OF OPINION ,SET ASIDE. They released a demo called the "Let the Legacy Begin" shortly after that they signed with No Joke Records in 2005 who would release there first EP "Broken, Blinded, Betrayed". The record was well received and gave the band the opportunity to tour the East Coast, Dirty South and numerous shows across the border. Los Angeles ghetto life was the band's focus to tell the story of L.A. life as seen through their eyes. Mixing hardcore with explicit street lyrics, these guys made their impact on the scene and continued to tour over the years. In 2008 CT went into the Mediaskare Studios to record there latest album to date 'It Is What It Is" this was the album that would define the L.A.H.C sound that the band had been pushing for over the years. Unfortunately, things went sour between the band and there label (NJR) so the record was never finished or released, however CT decided to release it on the internet. In 2010 after a memorial show held for there closest friend who was killed from a shotgun wound to the head, CT would take a break to pursue personal projects, including work with legendary hip-hop artist Kemo the Blaxican (Delinquent Habits). Countime does not hold back and represents L.A. to the fullest. In 2015 the band went into the studio and began jamming again. In 2016 they released a 5 song 7inch called "Ostracized on HID RECORDS.

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