The Eulogy

The Eulogy is a Southern California based hardcore punk band. The band was started by friends Matt Henderson (Madball, Agnostic Front) Kevin Norton (Eye for an Eye, Straight Faced) Doug MacKinnon (Slapshot, Ignite) and Pete Reilly (Mouthpiece). After auditioning several potential singers, the band ran into old friend Sergio Chavez while watching Terror play a show in Orange County. He was a perfect fit and The Eulogy had its first lineup. The Eulogy’s self titled EP was released in 2015 on Flatspot Records. Soon after the EP was released another hardcore veteran, Marc Jackson (Throwdown, Bleeding Through) joined the band and has been an integral part of The Eulogy both as a drummer and helping write the music. Over the last 2 years the band has been playing shows all over the West Coast supporting bands like H2O, Madball and the Cro Mags. With a team of hardcore lifers, they are anxious to follow up on the first release with a new EP called ‘Last Days’ on Bridge 9 Records. The record serves up classic hardcore with a modern touch.

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