Rich Machell

I am a 295lbs strongman and powerlifting competitor in Trenton, Ontario, Canada. Recently I have accomplished some success in drug tested powerlifting for the 100% RAW Federation. Setting 5 Canadian Records within a year is something I am very proud of. I am really making a run at strongman competitions again. Took a break from the sport and found a drug tested federation for strongman which is rare. My motivation is out of this fucking world. I will be competing with the World's Natural Strongman Federation based out of Hungary later this year. Lifts Completed in Training or Competition: 300 lbs (per hand) Farmer's Walk x 75ft 750 lbs Super Yoke 601 lbs Deadlift 300 lbs Log Press 1000 lbs Tire Flip I'm a natural strength athlete who believes in not taking ANY shortcuts to acheive my goals. Believing in myself and knowing that hard work and support from family and friends are what is important. I have no time for cheaters, liars and fake people. I have gone back to my roots and give back to my community when I can. Coaching Special Olympics Powerlifting, promoting strongman shows for charity and just lifting heavy shit for the local neighbourhood kids are what it's about. NEVER FORGET WHERE YOU COME FROM.

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